Naivasha Trip

On the Saturday of 8th October, a group of 8 travel buddies set off to Naivasha, to get our minds off the daily hustle and bustle of the city. Here is what we were upto in pictures…

We left Nairobi at 8:30am after waiting on each other for half an hour. The late comers know themselves!!

Group photo at the Great Rift Valley View Point at Mahi Mahiu

During the 15 minute stop at the View Point, we got to enjoy the cool breeze from the vast landscape in the mid morning sun. Therapeutic! We also had some snacks and bought extra water to keep up hydrated because our next destination would see us walk for a cool two hours by the lake….

We got curious to see how close to the giraffe we could get…

This is it. Less than two meters away!!

After realizing the giraffe was getting cosy with us, we decided to be a bit creative…

Okay, enough of crescent island. After a two hour walk, it was time to get on two wheels.. But before that, one last one from crescent

Next destination: Hells Gate National Park.

The short drive from crescent island to hell’s gate (about 20 minutes), enabled us to take a short rest and breeze before the most tasking activity of the day.

We decided to cycle to the caves, which are 7 kilometers from the park entrance. The tranquility of this ride is unmatched.

We had to take a picture at the section of the caves where the movie, tomb raider 2 was shot.

After hells gate, it was time for us to get some food and swim in the Olkaria Geothermal Spa, one of the few geothermal pools in Africa. It is hidden away in the park, and is surrounded by hills and geothermal plants and centers….and of course, wild animals! I don’t know how we didn’t take a picture of us in the pool but this gives you an idea of how it was.

Travel Boys Africa organizes trips to various destinations, and is keen on providing a memorable experience for all our  #TravelBuddies. You can also contact us for a customized trip for a group of friends or family.

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